About us

I made a mistake when I was younger, that gave me the title I’ll live with forever; ex-con. But, as the years progressed from that point, I grew up, and realized that I was the one to blame.

I’ve dedicated my entire life to giving back and assisting our military, and law enforcement. I’ve given houses away, I’ve donated cars to those in need, I’ve given thousands and thousands of dollars of my own money away to those who are in dire need of it.

The Amiri King Foundation was formed not only out of passion, but out of necessity. I wanted to do so much more for my community, as well as the military and law enforcement personnel across the entire country. This is the best way to do so.


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Giving Back.

Donations aren’t the only thing we do. We offer companionship and connectivity to those who have been otherwise ostracized.

Amiri King

Co-Founder Amiri King has a dire passion to help others. Reaching out to countless LEOs and veterans is among the many things he does. Apart from that, he also donates thousands of dollars of his personal money to various charities and organizations to assist those trying to adjust back to society.

Blake McConnell

A freelance graphic designer and web developer, that has dedicated large portions of time to help veterans and LEOs trying to start their own company. The foundation’s website, as well as all other digital content wouldn’t be possible without him. As a Co-Founder, he’s found his home in reaching out to those in need as well as other organizations who will be assisting us with helping those who need it.