Military and law enforcement personnel have some of the hardest jobs around. However, more often than not, those who sustain an injury, or worse are swept under the rug. We’re here to change that. Our american heroes deserve the american dream, and we’re going to provide that to them.

But we need your help.

Even the smallest donation goes further than you’ll ever know. All of the donations come in will go to providing housing, nourishment, or other financial reliefs to our American heroes, or their affected families.

  • Financial assistance

Money is tight for most people. But for our brothers and sisters who are LEOs or Military, it can get excruciating. Especially after being injured on duty. That’s where we come in. We’ll do our best to assist with medical bills, living expenses, etc.

  • Housing Assistance

Right now, there are roughly 1.4 million veterans who are homeless or at risk to be homeless. That number is too high. We’ve given homes away to those in need, and we’ll continue to do so. No one who’s fought to preserve our great nation deserves to be homeless in it.

  • Recreational Outings

Depression and suicide rates are skyrocketing in the veteran community. More often than not these people feel distraught or alone. At the Amiri King Foundation, we aim to link these people to other brothers and sisters for them to see that they are not alone. We’ve got your 6.

  • Bereavement Assistance

Due to the lower salaries offered to Police Officers, if tragedy strikes, and a brother is injured or lost in the line of duty, their families typically cannot afford the funeral proceedings and other fees associated with the loss of a loved one. We refuse to accept that as acceptable. We’ve assisted with countless losses, and we do not plan to stop.

  • Food Costs

Local food pantries are a fantastic resource. However, more often than not, it’s still not enough. Food donations as well as financial donations to assist with nourishment are given out to those in need. No one deserves to go hungry, and we won’t stop until every single Veteran and LEO is receiving the nourishment they need. 

  • Raising Awareness

Most people are aware that there a lot of struggling Military and LEO personnel out there. But, most people are unaware of the sheer catastrophic numbers we’re facing. Each day, 22 veterans or more take their own lives. That is unacceptable. But, they cannot find or afford the help they need. We’re here to fix that. 

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We rely solely on donations in order to have the necessary funding to help others. However, we definitely try to make it worth your while! Not only can you donate to help us continue to assist those in need, you can also buy one of these awesome t-shirts available in our store! The profits from each shirt go towards helping fallen officers, their families and loved ones make amends with the tragedy they’re struggling with.

“Without you, there’d be no me.”

Amiri King

Losing a family member is hard.

Whether it's by blood or by job title, relationships are formed and held sacred. That is especially true in the Military and Law Enforcement careers. When a comrade falls, we'll be there to help pick up the pieces. Family members of the deceased will be taken care of. Come hell or high water.